Product Highlights


Anytime Use

Chatbots are always present to give the information to the customers. Like sometimes, customers need to have immediate response for any query, but agents are unable to connect because they are preoccupied.

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Reduces human error

Sometimes, customer representatives forget to tell the details about a product or a service whereas, chatbot have access to enormous information that can help them answer the questions accurately.

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Multiple handling capacity

In customer support services, the agents can handle one customer at a time, but chatbots can simultaneously have conversations with thousands of people, no matter what time of the day it is.

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Cost Effective

Chatbots are a one-time investment service and they save on customer service costs by freeing up agents for more work challenges and answering up to 80% of routine questions.

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Easy Implementation

It is easy to implement a full functional chatbot and it is much cheaper and faster than hiring employees for customer support. By employing chatbots over agents there are savings over employee costs.

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Converse in multiple languages

Sometimes, it becomes difficult for the customers to converse in other language than native. These solutions give personalized experience to the customers by conversing them in their native language so that customers feel comfortable to chat.

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Secure architecture

The Watson technology framework by IBM is reliable and we have developed a customized framework that can be integrated easily with any third-party system and makes productive customer interactions.

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Software Integration

Our Paxbot is designed as such that it can be integrated with any 3rd party solution like CRM, lead Managements , ticket management or live agent System.

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Quick implementation

Our Paxbot framework has given us the ability to Implement the complete system in few weeks which helps customer save time & money. We call it training the Paxbot i.e. Paxbot will be trained to answer questions as per customer use case with accurate & on time information.

What we offer

Conversational- Conversational-hybrid UI that interacts with users, combining chat, voice, or any other natural language interface with graphical UI elements like buttons, images, menus, videos, etc

NLP- Artificial intelligence technology that aims to interpret, to recognize, and understand user request in the form of free language.

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Paxbot Usecases

Our chatbot attracts audience to the brand and acknowledges shopper’s intent by easy product showcasing and purchasing.

Travel and Hospitality
Our PaxBot is a contributor in increasing sales and it handles customer service requests all time with no error.

By using our bot, thousand of working hours are saved for health organizations and makes personalized interactions with patients, which creates a strong relationship.

Our bot acts as a customer service representative, that automates fraud prevention, push relevant content to the customers and generate incremental revenue.

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Safe and reliable

How Does it Works

  • Chatbot Framework as an Ecosystem
  • Training & Customization for a Business Use case in about 2-3 weeks.
  • Chatbot Administration, Analytics & Reporting
  • Standalone Live Agent Application
  • Integrate with any CRM Solution through Oauth & standard authorization mechanisms
  • Integrate with any Lead Management & Ticketing Solution

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